Blue Dolphin Alliance

In order to make a difference in the quality of life we live, and to leave a legacy of value for the society that follows us, BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE is committed to creating a "path of awareness." Although all forms of life are ultimately important in the spectrum of our planet, we at BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE have narrowed our focus to one island of life. The cetaceans -- islands unto themselves, living in harmony within their surroundings. The true salvation of our world and its life forms lies with our children. Our ultimate goal at BLUE DOLPHIN ALLIANCE is to convey this message of ecological preservation to young people and to get them excited about one species in nature. To understand a particular species and to define it unconditionally is to realize its importance within our environment. If you love something, you will defend it!


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Blue Dolphin Alliance
P.O. Box 2407
Harmony, CA 93435-2407

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