Janice's, LLC

Our products provide comfort and relief to scores of people who suffer from sensitivities, allergies and dermatological problems. Only after extensive searching, researching and testing are we able to supply our customers with items that will alleviate many allergy and skin-related discomforts. We offer the purest bedding, bath, kitchen and personal items available. Whenever articles are not obtainable through traditional manufacturing sources, we produce them in our own sewing room with our 100% cotton fabrics and batting. When necessary, we carefully wash and rinse fabrics prior to construction. Our seamstresses are experts in their crafts and maintain the sewing room in immaculate condition. As a contamination precaution, our employees do not smoke or wear perfumed products while at work.

Link: www.janices.com

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Janice's, LLC
30 Arbor St. South , 3rd Fl
Hartford, CT 06106

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