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Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange, founded in 1986, is the oldest and largest for-profit Fair Trade company in the US. We offer organic, gourmet coffee, tea, sugar, cocoa, and chocolate bars produced by 28 democratically run farmer co-ops located in 14 countries in (View Profile)

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

At Green Mountain Coffee, we are dedicated to providing the richest aroma and flavor, for the highest quality coffee experience. We travel the globe to purchase the finest coffees, batch roast them to peak flavor, and vacuum package them fresh for (View Profile)

Honest Tea

Each Honest Tea flavor is brewed based on a recipe perfected over generations in a specific region of the world. As a result, a drink of Honest Tea becomes a cultural experience, from the genuine tastes to the distinctive international art and (View Profile)

Jammin' Nectars

Jammin! Nectars was founded to share with people the luscious taste and health benefits of fruit beverages created in the Caribbean. The juice's name came from a favorite reggae piece, "Jammin" by Bob Marley. In this song, Bob sings about the (View Profile)

Otter Creek Brewing/Wolaver's Organic Ales

We brew and bottle all of our beers in small batches to ensure freshness and consistent quality. We use natural Vermont water, the best domestic malt and hops available, and our own top-fermenting yeast. All Wolaver's beers are made with no less than (View Profile)

Pixie Maté

Maté is the gentle hum of an awakened mind and a vibrant body. It's the sensual soar of your essential being. Yerba Maté is energy that's balanced, not frantic. It's the brew of the living leaf, plucked green from the tree of life. The people of (View Profile)

Samba Inc. / Sambazon

Acai is an antioxidant rich berry that grows wild in the Brazilian Amazon and is considered to be one of the top Superfoods in the world. Sambazon was the first company to export Acai from Brazil and our premier organic line of Acai fruit packs and (View Profile)

Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting

Fair trade organic coffees. (View Profile)


High quality loose teas and tisane. (View Profile)

The Organic Coffee Co.

At the Organic Coffee Company , all of our coffees are crafted with concern for nature, care for people, and respect for the environment – none were grown harmful pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Unlike most coffee companies, we (View Profile)

Water More Precious Than Gold

The Okanogan Highlands Bottling Company provides high quality drinking water in political action packaging. Each bottle of Water More Precious than Gold and Water for Peace have labels containing information about environmental or peace issues. (View Profile)


We have made it our life’s work to bring healthy beverage alternatives to the world. We have devoted our careers to the management of companies and organizations that support and market pure foods. We came together with a common goal and named (View Profile)

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