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Thousands of titles on creating an ecologically sustainable, socially just and democratic world. (View Profile)

Ash Grove Audiobook Exchange

With you can buy, sell, and best of all exchange new and used books on tape or CD. (View Profile)

Book Publishing Company

The Book Publishing Company, located on The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee, is a community owned, small press publisher dedicated to promoting books on healthful, sustainable living. We have been in business since 1974. (View Profile)


BookPeople began in 1970 in the student slum district at the edge of the University of Texas, Austin as Grok Books. An outpost for the literate in what was then a rural reading wasteland, Grok flourished, expanding over time into BookPeople. In the (View Profile)

Chelsea Green Publishing Co.

Founded in 1984, Chelsea Green Publishing is regarded as the preeminent publisher of books on sustainable living. (View Profile)

Ecotone Publishing LLC

Welcome to Ecotone Publishing. We are currently in the process of creating new publications and tools to help transform the environmental impact and quality of our homes and communities. Look to us for information you need to create a sustainable (View Profile)

Gryphon House, Inc.

Books for pre-school children and teachers of pre-school children. (View Profile)

Karibu Books

Karibu, pronounced KA-REE-BOO which means "welcome" in Ki-Swahili, is a specialty bookstore chain located in the Washington DC area. The company's philosophy is to empower and educate people by providing complete access to books by and about people (View Profile)

Lantern Books

Lantern Books publishes books for all wanting to live with greater spiritual depth and commitment to the preservation of the natural world. Lantern Books is a division of Booklight Incorporated. Lantern Books is now the United States Distributor of (View Profile)

Natural Building Books and Black Range Films

Natural Building Resources is an umbrella organization created to disseminate and coordinate information and activities regarding natural building, sustainable architecture, and ecological living. (View Profile)

New Leaf Distributing Company

With over 40,000 items of inventory, New Leaf has always been the best wholesale source for books on metaphysics, spirituality, alternative health and other "body-mind-spirit" categories. Now, we want to prove to our customers that we are also your (View Profile)

ODT, Inc.

Offering fascinating and thought-provoking resources to expand your view of the world. (View Profile)

Small Churl Books

Books and resources about Medieval times and crafts. (View Profile)

The Book Haven

Discount new and used books. (View Profile)

International Co-op of independent dealers of used and rare books, periodicals, and paper ephemera. (View Profile)


Woman owned small publisher. (View Profile)

Epilogue Book Company

Epilogue Book Company is a full service bookstore specializing in quality used, publisher's overstock and Antiquarian Books as well as general and out-of-print book searches. We are committed to supporting artisans and local communities by presenting (View Profile)

Hops Press

Here at HOPS Press, LLC we advocate a positive interactive relationship with the natural world. We want people to get involved in nature, to be a part of the process on many levels. (View Profile)

Jenkins Publishing

Publisher of The Slate Roof Bible and The Humanure Handbook. (View Profile)

Provisions Library

MISSION Foster a creative environment for a diverse international community to explore and be active in social change and justice. VISION Build safe space for the exploration and expression of often forbidden and suppressed ideas, topics and (View Profile)

AET Book Club

The AET Book Club is a project of the American Educational Trust, a non-profit, non-partisan organization incorporated in 1982 in Washington, DC, by retired U.S. Foreign Service Officers. The 18th St. store in Washington, DC currently carries more (View Profile)

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