NaturOli has a stead fast mission to provide safe natural alternatives to the many products we use every day which contain harmful synthetic chemicals that poison our lives. In keeping with this mission, NaturOli proudly presents NaturOli Soap Nuts. Mother Nature never seems to let us down in our search for better, healthier ways to live our lives. Soap nuts, the fruit of the sapindus mukorossi tree, provide us with a simple, highly effective, natural, non-pollutant, green alternative method for performing the routine tasks of cleaning and laundry. Soap nuts are a hypoallergenic, biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning agent direct from a sustainable source. Primarily used as laundry detergent, soap nuts leave laundry amazingly clean, fresh and soft. They also provide a plethora of other truly green household cleaning uses, including floors, windows, dishes and counter-tops. Because soap nuts are free of synthetic chemicals that break down fabric fibers, they are popular among cloth diaper users. Soap nuts are the true answer for those with sensitive skin, suffer from allergies or just want to do their part for a greener earth. NaturOli imports the highest quality wild harvested soap nuts from a fair trade supplier. The soap nuts are hand sorted and packaged by NaturOli staff at our Arizona facility. We welcome you to a better way to clean you laundry and your home.


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