Treehouse 28

Treehouse 28 is a family owned and run clothing business out of Sebastopol using low impact practices and manufacturing all our garments in-house. Organic Clothing Designs. Unique Sustainable Fashion. In the fall of 2006 Alix McCauley launched a line of custom clothing. She is a committed mother of two inspirational children and has a passion for aesthetics and design. Alix and her family now introduce a ready to wear line of beautiful casual knit clothing. A line that is built for layering, while incorporating a stylish edge. Based in Sebastopol California, the current production is all "in house" with an objective to maintain the highest standards in socially responsible methods of production. Treehouse28 offers a sustainable solution to fashion. The use of organic, recycled materials and low impact practices help keep our planet healthy and strong for generations to come.


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Treehouse 28
1225 Gravenstein HWY S
Sebastopol, CA 95472

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