Fair Trade Coffee and Tea

Cafe Campesino

Café Campesino envisions a world where we treat one another and the surrounding natural environment with profound, sincere respect. By enthusiastically following our guiding principles, we believe that our small enterprise will serve as a successful (View Profile)

Café Fair® (Steep & Brew)

Café Fair will improve the working and living conditions of organic food producers in third world countries by creating the connection between the farmer and socially responsible consumers in the United States. We will follow Fair Trade practices (View Profile)

Caffe Ibis Coffee Roasting Co.

Caffe Ibis is a certified roaster and distributor of Triple Certified Coffee, Double Certified Coffee and several varities of specialty conventional coffees. (View Profile)

CAPULIN International

Capulin is a hand crafted, traditionally sun dried, hand sorted and hand processed coffee derived from 100% fully mature, red, ripe and delicious Arabica Tipica coffee cherries. Capulin makes the sweetest, least bitter and most stimulating (View Profile)

Choice Organic Teas/Granum, Inc.

Dedicated to promoting and supporting farming methods that nourish the planet, Choice Organic Teas works closely with international tea growers to bring you the finest tasting, certified organic teas and infusions in the world. (View Profile)

Coffee and Tea, Ltd.

The coffee and teas that you acquire from us are the finest quality and are the freshest. In a day where people are finding what real quality is and how some things must be done in a tradtional way. We do enjoy technology, just not in how we roast (View Profile)

Coffee Exchange Inc.

Coffee Exchange is a classic neighborhood café. We are unique in that we roast coffee on the premesis daily, in small batches of twenty pounds or less to make the artful adjustments that keep a great coffee great. The taste (View Profile)

Conscious Coffees

The inception of Conscious Coffees in 1996 began with the simple idea that coffee is a truly unique and wonderful beverage . As we moved into our infant business life we were abruptly shattered with the realization of a precarious coffee industry (View Profile)

EcoTeas Organic Yerba Mate

EcoTeas is a small, prosperous tea company that aligns with the planetary effort to build a peaceful and sustainable future. (View Profile)

Elan Organic Coffees

Certified Organic Coffee is coffee that has been determined to be produced according to sustainable practices, without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or other harmful agrochemicals. All our coffees are certified organic by (View Profile)

Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange, founded in 1986, is the oldest and largest for-profit Fair Trade company in the US. We offer organic, gourmet coffee, tea, sugar, cocoa, and chocolate bars produced by 28 democratically run farmer co-ops located in 14 countries in (View Profile)

Fair Trade Coffee Company

Our company has many years of experience with roasting and are able to produce what we know you will find to be a vastly superior product and are sure you will think so as well. We custom-roast the raw beans that come in from around the world every (View Profile)


Faircoffee.com: your source for 100% Fair Trade Certified Coffee. We will only sell third party certified fairtrade coffee from Transfair, the only fairtrade certifier in the USA (View Profile)

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is about more than making coffee, we are about committment. A committment that every sip will reflect our passion for the art of roasting coffee. We will always strive to protect the ecosystems where our coffees are (View Profile)

Grounds for Change

Grounds for Change is a certified organic coffee roaster specializing in fair trade and organic coffee. We roast exclusively 100% Fair Trade Organic Coffee that is grown in shaded conditions and our Fair Trade Coffee Gifts and Coffee of the Month (View Profile)

Heine Brothers' Coffee

As a founding roaster-owner of Cooperative Coffees, Inc. we import and sell only Organic, Fair Trade, green coffees from small farmer cooperatives. This effort supports a more equitable and sustainable system of coffee trade that directly benefits (View Profile)

Higher Ground Roasters

Higher Ground Roasters is dedicated to providing our customers with the finest coffees the world has to offer. All of our coffees are Specialty grade and rank among the top 5% of the world’s harvest. To ensure that farmers and the environment are (View Profile)

Indigo Coffee Roasters, Inc.

Artisan roaster of the world's finest coffees. (View Profile)

joe coffee bar

joe (as in cuppa joe) coffee bar is an eclectic, casual coffeehouse in Center City Philadelphia. We offer 100% Arabica coffee beans fair trade, shade grown, organic and estate coffees (View Profile)

Just Coffee

Just Coffee is committed to 100% fair trade as our business model and not simply as a market opportunity. We offer micro-batch roasted, fairly-traded, naturally grown, great-tasting coffees at a low price. When you buy our coffee you can be sure that (View Profile)

Larry's Beans, Inc.

We sell awesome-tasting coffee beans in a way to make the world better. 97% of our coffee is Fair Trade. The other 3% is from Hawaii, where they don't need Fair Trade. (Our Organic & Fair Trade claims are certified and audited by Quality (View Profile)

Moka Joe Certified Organic Coffee

At Moka Joe, guided by our passion and the palates and enthusiasm of our customers, we have grown our company and developed our own valued coffee blends and roasts. These are the hallmarks of our careful efforts in putting together beans from (View Profile)

Montana Coffee Traders

Coffee Traders is dedicated to roasting and selling fresh coffee in a manner that respects, supports and profits the people, the community, and the land that sustains us. (View Profile)

Peace Coffee

Organically grown Fair Trade coffees. (View Profile)

Pura Vida Coffee

Our mission to help at-risk children in coffee-growing countries begins with our commitment to carry only fair trade, organic, shade-grown coffee. Our 100% Arabica gourmet coffees help raise living standards for farmers while protecting the (View Profile)

Sacred Grounds Organic Coffee Roasters

Located along the Redwood Coast of Northern California, Sacred Grounds Organic Coffee Roasters is your specialized source for organic coffees. In the college town of Arcata, a center of environmental activism, Sacred Grounds quietly roasts the (View Profile)

Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting

We believe the quality of our relationships with our farming partners is essential to the distinctive quality of our coffees. This relationship is extended to you through your appreciation of these exemplary coffees and your support for the people (View Profile)

Signature Coffee

Organic and Fair Trade coffees and teas. (View Profile)

Speeder & Earl's

Fair Trade certified coffee. (View Profile)

Taylor Maid Farms Organic Coffee & Tea

Our coffee comes from some of the most beautiful places on Earth and we want to keep them that way. Our work with organic producers worldwide highlights the value of diversity for global survival and opens up horizons of exciting tastes. (View Profile)

Teeccino Caffe

Teeccino is the best selling coffee substitute in America. Though we prefer the term “herbal coffee” (No one calls herbal tea a “tea substitute”, now do they?), we anticipate the day when herbal coffee brings as many people health and enjoyment as (View Profile)

The Earth Friendly Coffee Company

A Guatemalan friend and I recently established Earth Friendly by purchasing some of the world's best coffee-directly from small growers of Guatemala. We paid these growers three times what the traditional specialty roasters have been paying. With the (View Profile)

Traditional Medicinals, Inc.

The secret lives of plants have captured our imagination and respect with their beauty, mystery and power to heal. For over thirty years, we have offered you effective, healing brews, blending our reverence of plants with the wisdom of the ancient (View Profile)

Zhena's Gypsy Tea

Our amazing teas are certified Organic and Fair Trade. The full bodied, flavorful blends are loved by cafe goers nationwide. They are artisan blended with essential oils, organic fruit extracts, spices, flowers and herbs which stir your heart and (View Profile)

Zhi Tea

Zhi Tea is a 100% organic and fair trade whole leaf tea company. Zhi is a local Austin company and participates in promoting more eco friendly business practices, such as; printing labels with soy ink on corn paper, using recycled materials for (View Profile)

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