Community Development Organizations

Bowie Urban Planners

Our commitment is to mainstream green through the Sarasota Green Marketplace, the Green World Cafe workshops, economic development consulting services, and sustainable land development projects. (View Profile)

Casey Trees Endowment Fund

Since we were established in May 2001, Casey Trees has done much to accomplish our mission of restoring the tree cover of the District of Columbia. We’ve done so in cooperation with neighborhood residents and community organizations, city government (View Profile)

Co-Intelligence Institute

This ability to wisely organize our lives together -- all of us being wiser together than any of us could be alone -- we call co-intelligence. The Co-Intelligence Institute works to further the understanding and development of co-intelligence. It (View Profile)

Community Service, Inc.

The Community Solution is a program of Community Service, Inc. Community Service is dedicated to the development, growth and enhancement of small local communities. We envision a country where the population is distributed in small communities that (View Profile)

E.F. Schumacher Society

The E. F. Schumacher Society, named after the author of Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered, is an educational non-profit organization founded in 1980. Our programs demonstrate that both social and environmental sustainability can be (View Profile)

Green Map System

Green Map System is a global eco-cultural movement, energized by local knowledge, action and responsibility. Green Maps are locally created maps that chart the natural and cultural environment. Using adaptable tools and a shared visual (View Profile)

Institute for Local Self-Reliance

The Institute for Local Self Reliance (ILSR) is a small organization with a remarkable track record for breaking new ground in promoting sustainable communities. In 1978 RAIN magazine described ILSR as an organization that "puts hard numbers on soft (View Profile)

Institute for Sustainable Forestry

The Institute for Sustainable Forestry (ISF) was formed in 1991 to promote sustainable forest management that contributes to the long-term ecological, economic, and social well-being of forest based communities in the Pacific Northwest. (View Profile)

Investar Redevelopment

Investar Redevelopment's Redevelopment Services are designed to resolve complications associated with the re-use and sale of distressed and underutilized property. Project services are streamlined to match the needs of the client, from (View Profile)

Project NOW Community Action Agency

Project NOW Community Action Agency provides a wide range of social services in Rock Island, Henry and Mercer Counties. Services are designed to help families with low income and senior citizens meet basic needs and achieve self sufficiency. Programs (View Profile)

Resource Generation

Resource Generation works with young people with financial wealth who are supporting and challenging each other to effect progressive social change through the creative, responsible and strategic use of financial and other resources. Our purpose (View Profile)

Rural Action, Inc.

Rural Action's mission is to promote economic, social, and environmental justice in Appalachian Ohio. Our vision is to create model strategies for the region that involve a broad base of citizens in building environmental, economic, and social (View Profile)


Sympoetica brings people together to create the communities they desire, while promoting a respect for nature, beauty, and history. We developed Sympoetica as a concept to describe what we strive to do as a firm and as individuals. A created word (View Profile)

The Progressive Government Institute

The Progressive Government Institute is a non-partisan, educational organization dedicated to ensuring transparency and accountability in the executive branch of the federal government. We study how our government operates, believing that such a (View Profile)

Time Dollar USA

Our mission is to build local economies and communities that reward decency, caring and a passion for justice. (View Profile)

Yellow Wood Associates, Inc.

Two aspects of the way we work with our clients distinguish Yellow Wood Associates from other consulting firms. First, we see our job as not only assisting clients in getting the final product that they really want, but also as transferring skills (View Profile)

North Central Massachusetts Minority Coalition

The North Central Massachusetts Minority Coalition is a strategic alliance between the region’s four minority-led agencies (Fitchburg Spanish Council, Hmong-Lao Foundation, Leominster Spanish American Center, and Three Pyramids, Inc.). The Minority (View Profile)

Community Financial Resource Center

CFRC is a one-stop shop of service providers, offering the following types of services: • Business Lending Programs • Consumer and Business Development Workshops • Education and Financial Literacy Training • Technical (View Profile)

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