Jubilee Farm

We at Jubilee Farm grow certified organic vegetables, flowers and culinary herbs at the northern edge of the village of Huntington Center, Vermont. Started in 1995, our 30 acre farm lies nestled in the beautiful Huntington River Valley in north-central Vermont. The farm is bounded to the west by the Huntington River. To the east lies the spine of the Green Mountains, presided over by Majestic Camel's Hump, whose very tip we see from the fields. We have a rich and beautiful silt loam to work with. Freshly plowed in the spring it looks like a chocolate lake and smells like life itself. Working outside in the fields we hear the rushing of the river and see mountains and trees and smell sweet grass and cow manure.

Link: www.jubilee-farm.com

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Jubilee Farm
4582 Main Road
Huntington, VT 05462

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