Composting Tools

Aqua Alternatives

Looking for environmentally sensitive options for your life? Here you will find answers to your questions, covering topics on the most effective composting toilets, chemical-free water treatment systems, solar water heaters, air purifiers, non-toxic (View Profile)

Compost Farm

"Royal Soil", soil supplements, lawn fertilizers, planter barrels, and worm castings. (View Profile)

NutriCycle Systems LLC

Sustainable alternatives to septic systems and sewers. (View Profile)

VermiTechnology Unlimited

Vermitechnology Unlimited is your source for European Night Crawlers, redworm's and vermicomposting products, (View Profile)

Sun Mar Composting Toilets

Sun Mar Toilets can be an excellent alternative to conventional commodes where circumstances do not allow for septic systems or water connections. Some have been installed in cabins and homes that have rocky soil that does not permit a septic system (View Profile)

Sun Mar Garden Composters

Sun Mar garden composters accomodate kitchen and yard waste while producing rich compost in the uniquely-designed biodrum. (View Profile)

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