Upattinas School

Upattinas School and Resource Center is both a place and a program of events designed to promote and foster learning for people who wish to have control over their own educational choices. It is an environment for exploration and contemplation, for sharing and searching. It is a resource of people, books, equipment, ideas, and support. Upattinas provides a rich setting for noncompulsory, noncoercive learning where grades and testing are not the measure of achievement. Play is considered important and necessary. Whether the impetus is science, art, sports, or simply play and exploration, being outdoors has special value. Since its beginning on a farm, Upattinas has been committed to helping young people gain insight and competence in their relationships with nature. Theatre, music, and fine arts programs are joyful, successful expressions of our commitment to creative and experiential learning. Many students find that arts are a bridge to new comprehension in other subject areas. Others find deep satisfaction by simply engaging with varied tools, materials, instruments, and the guidance of our talented staff. All students at Upattinas are invited to participate in the democratic governance of the school. Students are expected to attend the weekly All-School Meeting, and participation in various social and work committees is encouraged. The Board of Directors includes four student representatives.

Link: www.upattinas.org

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Upattinas School
429 Greenridge Rd.
Glenmoore, PA 19343-8931

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