Washington Waldorf School

The Washington Waldorf School strives to seek, cultivate, and apply spiritual knowledge and insight to meet the needs of each child. We are committed to providing an education of head, heart, and hand, such that each child’s unique individuality is freed to seek its echoing spirit in the wider world. We are dedicated to inspiring these qualities in our students: A clear-thinking mind A warm, compassionate heart An appreciation of life and artistic form A purposeful, creative, productive will A sense of trust in and joy for the evolving human story A sense of unity with all life Our graduates learn to know themselves and to discover their gifts. Our aim is to kindle within each student capacities for articulate self-expression, service to the world, and life-long learning and growth. We aspire to create a healthy cultural and social life within our school and carry that impulse to the wider community. Together, parents, students, teachers, friends and alumni strive to create an enlivened, forward-looking educational community that is a vital member of the international Waldorf School movement, founded by Rudolf Steiner.

Link: www.washingtonwaldorf.org

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Washington Waldorf School
4800 Sangamore Rd.
Bethesda, MD 20816

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