The non-profit organization Hudson RIver Sloop Clearwater was created to defend and restore the Hudson River, one of the great and historic rivers of this nation: To investigate and conduct research into any causes or sources of contamination and destruction of this river, its tributaries and similar river systems; To inform the public of such dangers and to assist the public in taking such measures to stop such contamination; To educate the general populace as to the importance of preserving the Hudson River, its tributaries and other similar river systems; To foster the historic and cultural heritage of the Hudson River Valley from the mountains to the sea; To protect the well-being of individuals who dwell along its banks and related areas; To protect and restore other great waterways; To conduct other actions that will enhance and improve the environment of the Hudson River Valley and surrounding areas.


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112 Little Market St.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

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