Naturaleza, Inc.

Internationally, indigenous cultures and their traditional lands/habitats are becoming ever so scarce with the encroachment of civilization and the western world. Our organization is dedicated to the assistance/preservation of indigenous peoples and their cultures and traditional lands. Essentially, and as our mission statement denotes we assist in the generation of fresh revenue streams for the continued preservation of our world's natural places and the deep cultural traditions therein. We do so by initiating and developing indigenously sustainable endeavors of global import through joint endeavors with indigenous grass-roots organizations formed by indigenous people to preserve their culture. The aforementioned indigenously sustainable endeavors also fall within the scope of being not only revenue generating (so as to bring in fresh resources to drying and needy areas) and socially responsible, but also environmentally sound and of conservationist import. Essentially, our endeavors aim to provide the much-needed resources to traditional people who chose to live traditionally so that they may do just that unencumbered-freedom of resource to the indigenous peoples!


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Naturaleza, Inc.
8889 Mentor Ave.
Mentor, OH 44060

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