Da'Vida: The Communities Center for Fair Trade

Da’vida is not just the Center, nor its three coordinators. Da’vida is a community of people and organizations who participate in its vision and its mission. This community includes the local consignors, volunteers, supporters, students, faculty and administrators from both colleges. Da’vida, the “giving of life”, was chosen as the name for the Center because the basic philosophy of Da’vida is that of receiving a gift, and then passing that gift along to others. For the community of Da’vida the initial premise is that we, here, in the United States, have a gift, a gift which in terms of wealth, security, the basic necessities of life, and more, far exceeds that of most peoples of the third world. We strive to pass our gift to others, so that as they begin to prosper, they in turn may assist others in their own communities. Concurrently we recognize that in order for a gift to create conditions of sustainability, that gift cannot be in the form of charity. Thus we see the act of providing a market for the products of the third world as the mechanism by which our gifts may be passed to others.

Link: www.davidafairtrade.org

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Da'Vida: The Communities Center for Fair Trade
179 Main St.
Oneonta, NY 13820-2504

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