The mission of WorldFinds is to create beautiful, unique, inspired products that sell on their own merit, while simultaneously helping to improve the lives of the artisans involved. We have a unique sense of style: a fusion of East and West, modern and traditional, classic and trendy. WorldFinds imports an eclectic array of women’s accessories and gift items from India, Nepal, and Indonesia. We take pleasure in finding and designing a collection of exceptional items for the style-conscious and socially conscious consumer. We work directly with all of our artisan groups, and take the time to educate them about current trends in the US marketplace, partner with them to develop new designs, share knowledge and discuss ongoing issues to continually improve our products. WorldFinds partners with fair trade organizations, self-help groups, and small families of artisans that strive to make a difference in their communities. These organizations have made a commitment to social welfare and provide many services to their producers including: ongoing education and training, health care services, subsidized meals, day care, schooling, and AIDS awareness.


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4529 Wolf Rd.
Western Springs, IL 60558

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