Community Development Venture Capital Alliance

The Community Development Venture Capital Alliance (CDVCA) is the trade association for the rapidly growing community development venture capital industry. Formed in 1993 and incorporated as a not-for-profit in 1995, CDVCA promotes use of the tools of venture capital to create jobs, entrepreneurial capacity and wealth to advance the livelihoods of low-income people and the economies of distressed communities. The organization began when representatives of several community development venture capital funds met to discuss issues of common concern and share experiences and solutions to common problems. Realizing that they had been "reinventing the wheel" in different corners of the country, these funds established a regular forum in which they could exchange ideas. Since then, CDVCA has grown rapidly, now with more than 100 members, bringing together practitioners at all levels of experience and providing opportunities for them to learn, explore best practices, and gain resources for their work.


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Community Development Venture Capital Alliance
330 7th Ave. , 19 Fl.
New York, NY 10001-5010

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