Mr. Bamboo, Inc.

Mr. Bamboo, an Illinois-based manufacturer and importer of 100% bamboo flooring, kitchen cabinets and furniture products. Mr. Bamboo products are either noVOC or lowVOC and are eco-friendly. Mr. Bamboo offers strand woven, traditional and click bamboo flooring. The sustainability, durability, and natural beauty of strand woven bamboo flooring make it a popular choice for today's environments. Its warmth and ease of care are elements that also add to its attractiveness as the flooring of choice homes and businesses. Mr. Bamboo flooring can take a great amount of wear. For additional information please contact Mr. Bamboo showroom at 55 Kelly Street, Elk Grove, IL 60007 or visit You may also contact the firm at 847-640-7316 or via


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Mr. Bamboo, Inc.
55 Kelly Street
Elk Grove, IL 60007

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