Splaff Flopps

Splaff Flopps started in a garage with a tire, a bike tube, and a shoe knife. The vision was to make a comfortable, long lasting, fairly priced sandal from all recycled materials. Today Splaff products include sandals, handbags, belts, mirrors, and a coffee table. They are all made with recycled race car tires and bicycle Inner tubes, regupol (a cushioning material made from used tires which have been chipped and pressed into mats), and hemp. They are hand-crafted and are produced in a 100% waste free, earth friendly process in which all left over materials are either re-used or recycled.

Link: www.splaff.com

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Splaff Flopps
P.O. Box 7604
San Diego, CA 92167-0604

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