Sleepywood Rustic Furniture

Being an outdoor enthusiast in awe of the spirit of nature, and possessing a penchant for the combination of practicality and beauty, I use the medium of rustic furniture to introduce the synergy of these qualities into the home. I would describe my style of rustic furniture as "refined" because it is carefully crafted with time honored mortise-and-tenon joinery, is fully functional and, although still retaining a rustic charm, looks quite polished. It is at home in either simple or elegant settings. When finished, each piece beholds its own unique personality, revealing the spirit that had been "sleeping in the wood" all along. My pleasure is in reintroducing the character of natural habitats into homes at a time when many are largely artificial.


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Sleepywood Rustic Furniture
1552 Duckwall Rd.
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411-3742

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