Vivavi, Inc.

At Vivavi we are consumed, quite possibly even obsessed, with helping you live the way you want to live. We believe that your values can be seen in the sleek curve of a superbly designed chair or in the clean lines of a perfect pair of pants. We are where eco consciousness meets high design. We are the destination for your contemporary, planet-minded, fashion-forward needs. The companies we feature are committed to you, and we are committed to our ridiculously high standards. At you will only find designers that have successfully fused environmental awareness into cutting-edge design. Some of our products have been made with natural, organic, recycled or energy efficient materials; some have been constructed in a manner that respects the environment while others have been developed to protect it. They are all about the planet. At Vivavi our goals are as big as yours. We're aiming to energize and grow the green economy, and we're starting by connecting style savvy customers to the most innovative and environmentally conscious products available anywhere. In the process we believe that we will empower fast growing, planet-conscious companies to hire more people into meaningful jobs. Everybody wins.


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Vivavi, Inc.
1929 18th St. NW , Ste. 303
Washington, DC 20009

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