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Apartment Gardening Products

Apartment Gardening Products (AGP) specializes in irrigation systems for renters and condominuim owners. (View Profile)

Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association, Inc.

Organization promoting biodynamic growing. (View Profile)

California Certified Organic Farmers

CCOF is the only full service organic certification and trade association providing premier organic certification programs and trade association benefits to farms, processors, private labelers, retailers, restaurants, brokers, and supporting members (View Profile)

Casey Allen Landscaping

Environmentally sound landscaping. (View Profile)


Daffodils, jonquils, narcissi are what Daffies, a small, cooperatively owned and operated farm in Ohio, has been offering for more than 15 years. (View Profile)

East Coast Organics, Inc.

Our mission is to promote organic gardening by offering garden centers, nurseries, and professional growers the finest quality, field-tested organic garden supplies. By blending the modern theories of sustainable agriculture with ancient agricultural (View Profile)

Easy Sprout

The old ways of sprouting are too slow, inconvenient and bothersome. EASY-SPROUTâ„¢ changes that. Now you can grow fresh sprouts (at home or away) and keep them conveniently at your fingertips. (View Profile)

Eco Safety Products, LLC

We are a leading Arizona based specialized SBE/MBE, nationwide distributor of high demand environmentally preferred products that help organizations and safety conscious individuals achieve their facility safety, health and regulatory objectives. (View Profile)

Fedco Seeds, Inc.

Fedco provides cold-hardy varieties shipped in season, and gardening supplies year-round. (View Profile)

Federation of Southern Cooperatives

We strive toward the development of self-supporting communities with programs that increase income and enhance other opportunities; and we strive to assist in land retention and development, especially for African Americans, but essentially for all (View Profile)

Fertrell Co.

Fertrell is a source of organic fertilizers and soil conditioners used for nurseries, gardening, lawns, houseplants, and farms. These natural environmentally friendly fertilizers are used by horticultoralist, nurserymen, greenskeepers, or farmers to (View Profile)

Gardener's Supply Company

Gardener's Supply was founded in 1983 by a handful of enthusiastic Vermont gardeners. Today, we serve millions of gardeners nationwide, offering everything from seedstarting supplies and garden furniture to flower supports and greenhouses. Though our (View Profile)

Harmony Farm Supply & Nursery

Harmony Farm Supply was founded in 1980 by Kate Burroughs and David Henry, originally as a supplier of organic fertilizers, ecological pest controls and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) monitoring tools. We added irrigation system components in 1982 (View Profile)

Harvest for Humanity, Inc.

Richard and Florence Nogaj (nojay) founded Harvest for Humanity, a 501 (c)(3) organization in Immokalee, Florida in June 1998 to create innovative solutions to the social and economic challenges faced by seasonal farmworkers families, and to empower (View Profile)

Hidden Springs Nursery

Organically Grown Edible Landscape Plants for People and Wildlife. (View Profile)

Hot Pepper Wax

Finally, an environmentally responsible Insect and Animal Repellent for Fruits, Vegetables and Ornamental Plants! The conscientious gardener will appreciate that Hot Pepper Wax is completely biodegradable and contains no harmful chemicals. Hot (View Profile)

International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (IIEA)

The International Institute for Ecological Agriculture is dedicated to healing the planet while providing for the human community by education and implementation of socially just, ecological, resource conserving forms of agriculture; the basis of all (View Profile)

Lotech Products

Manufacturers of the Compost Crank, an easy, mess-free way to turn your compost. (View Profile)


The finest all natural/organic plant food products available anywhere. (View Profile)

Midwest Organic Services Association, Inc. (MOSA)

MOSA was formed and incorporated in March of 1999 to serve the needs of producers and processors in the Midwest looking for a high quality, sensible organic certification program. We are offering independent, third-party certification services to (View Profile)

Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizer

Liquid fish fertilizer. (View Profile)

Plant and Gnome

Plant and Gnome is a nursery located in Gilmer County in central West Virginia, USA. (View Profile)

PlanTea, Inc.

Home of PlanTea organic fertilizer in tea bags, plus gentle ideas for balanced gardening - and life. (View Profile)

Sunlawn, Inc.

Sunlawn was founded in 1997 as "a business that makes both economic and environmental sense" by Terry Jarvis. Beginning with an interest in hand mowers and quieter neighborhoods, Terry spent two years of research and evaluation before bringing the (View Profile)

The Tanglefoot Company

The Tanglefoot Company has a long history of manufacturing high-quality, chemical-free pest management products --a history that dates back to our founding in 1885. Our primary objective is the prevention of damage to valuable shade and fruit trees (View Profile)

TomatoFest Organic Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Seeds from more than 500 variets of rare heirloom tomatoes. (View Profile)

UKROP's Super Markets / Watkins Nurseries

Grocery store chain. (View Profile)

Underwood Gardens

Underwood Gardens is a family owned and operated, certified-organic, seed company that specializes in rare and endangered open-pollinated/heirloom seeds for vegetables, herbs, flowers and curiosities. We've been growing and saving seeds for a very (View Profile)

WASTE NOT Resource Solutions

Provides information on current projects, compost products and other resources related to farm composting. (View Profile)

Worm Power

We are the nation's newest and largest vermicomposters. We sell worm castings in both bulk and retail quantities. (View Profile)

GREENCulture, Inc.

At we cater to an environmentally enlightened clientèle. From compost bins and tumblers, rain barrels, chipper shredders and lawn sweepers, to various other earth friendly accessories, our products are constructed from 100% recycled (View Profile)

Green Pest Management

Green Pest Management serves Fairfield County, CT, and has 37 years of effective pest control experience. With a diverse range of clients from single-family homeowners to large commercial buildings, GPM is certified by CT Dept of Environmental (View Profile)

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