EcoBaskets, LLC

In an ever-increasingly consumerist world, it is a rare person who finds time to thoroughly understand what impact their purchases have on the environment and the people who made them. Let's face it - it's really hard to find products that are made sustainably. This is especially true of gifts for others, regardless if you know the person well or hardly know them at all. EcoBaskets offers top quality gifts that you can feel really good about. Go ahead and indulge in nature's plenty and rest assured that the products in our baskets were created in a sustainable way, and with respect for the people that made them. Many of them are Organic and Fair Trade1 certified. EcoBaskets' business practices strive to be environmentally friendly, not only in our products but also in our daily business, such as using recycled or completely natural materials whenever possible and seeking business partners and suppliers that do the same.


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EcoBaskets, LLC

San Diego, CA 92164-4812

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