Gecko Traders, Inc.

If the fun shapes and luscious, trend-setting peacock blues, fuchsias and rich tangerines of Gecko Traders’ handbags, wallets and accessories make you think of a place, it’s likely to be New York. Or maybe Paris or Milan. It’s safe to say it wouldn’t be a dusty village without water or electricity in Cambodia, where most villagers live with five or six other people in tiny dirt-floor huts. And many have little food or prospects for work. Fortunately, the future for many of these villagers holds promise. Gecko Traders, Inc., a small Arlington, Virginia business, works with Cambodian women to produce their hand-dyed and hand-woven silk handbags and accessories.What began as a small group of Cambodian seamstresses hired by Gecko in 1999 has grown to over 150 women—many of them polio-afflicted or land-mine victims, and nearly all are their families’ sole breadwinners.


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Gecko Traders, Inc.
2499 N. Harrison St. , #LL-1
Arlington, VA 22207

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