Bikram Yoga Inner Sunset

The Hot Yoga Studio in San Francisco, Ca teaching Bikram Yoga. This "Green + Eco Friendly" studio provides a Sustainable heating system and erogonomic flooring system. We feature: Recycled Rubber Anti-Microbial Flooring: We offer an anti-microbial rubber flooring system that is non-porous, bacteria free, and odorless. The floor is insulated to keep your muscles warm, and it has been bio-mechanically engineered to perform with your body, absorbing shock. "Green + Eco Friendly" Hydronic Heating System: Our green + Eco-friendly heating system is ergonomic and environmentally conscious. The state-of-the-art Hydronic Heating System provides 100% fresh moisture-heated air - not forced heated air from a gas furnace. Our "Hot Yoga" heat is made from the pre heated hot water tanks neeeded for our handy capt showers and restroom facilities. Our heat allows the body to clear out impurities and refresh yourself at the same time. Our thermostat is thus set to 110 degrees (Fahrenheit). Better Body Health: Our combined Rubber Flooring and Hydronic Heating System helps eliminate toxins, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Our studio does not produce toxins that are ingested into your lungs, cardiovascular system, and internal/external organs.


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Bikram Yoga Inner Sunset
455 Judah St @ 10th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122
415 753 8694

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