Namaste of Mind

A country of extremes, India is host to both overwhelming poverty and unparalleled acts of kindness. This is particularly problematic in the textile and handicraft export business, which is worth nearly $17 billion a year in India. The vast majority of that money ends up in the pockets of the exporters and middle-men, leaving only a miniscule fraction for the talented and deserving artisans who are the foundation for this thriving market. Namaste of Mind was created to address this economic inequity in two ways. First, Namaste of Mind only sells handmade goods (including quilts, blankets, tablecloths, pashminas, tapestries, bags, and journals) that are environmentally friendly and produced by artisans who are treated and compensated fairly. All products are made with natural materials and eco friendly dyes utilizing traditional methods. The artisans are paid fare wages and often work independently at home, instead of in factories. In addition, fifty percent of the profits from Namaste of Mind sales is given directly back to the artisans and directed towards community development projects. My hope is that Namaste of Mind will contribute to livelihoods of deserving people while connecting consumers to the ethical source of high quality products. Fair wages will allow artisans and their families to make choices, improving their health, communities, and futures.


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Namaste of Mind
745 S. Linden Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

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