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ACCION International

ACCION International is a nonprofit that fights poverty through microfinance. Every day, millions of enterprising women and men around the world struggle to better their lives by opening tiny businesses. They work exhausting hours yet they barely (View Profile)

Altura Capital

Investment products. (View Profile)

Boston Community Capital

Boston Community Capital is a community development financial intermediary whose mission is to create and preserve healthy communities where low-income people live and work. We do this by investing in projects that provide: Affordable housing (View Profile)

Calvert Social Investment Foundation

Calvert Social Investment Foundation has Investment, Research and Donation products that support community development organizations, across the country and around the world. Through socially responsible investment, we support affordable housing (View Profile)

Capital District Community Loan Fund

The Capital District Community Loan Fund, Inc. (CDCLF) is a community-based nonprofit financial institution that promotes sustainable community development efforts for economically underserved people and communities in the Capital Region. (View Profile)

Cascadia Revolving Fund

Cascadia Revolving Fund envisions a future where Pacific Northwest individuals and their communities have the means to reach their full potential and achieve economic, social, and environmental health. To reach this goal, Cascadia provides (View Profile)

CFRC (Community Financial Resource Center)

Community Financial Resource Center (CFRC) is a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) dedicated to providing financial services and counseling for residents and business owners in South Central Los Angeles and other distressed (View Profile)


Changemakers is a national public foundation that models and supports community-based social change philanthropy. We work within the philanthropic sector to shift WHERE money is directed -- to address root causes of social and environmental problems (View Profile)

Chicago Community Loan Fund (CCLF)

Chicago Community Loan Fund (CCLF) provides low-cost, flexible financing to nonprofit community development organizations for: Affordable housing Economic/commercial development Social service/nonprofit facility initiatives CCLF targets (View Profile)

Clearinghouse CDFI

Community development loans. (View Profile)

Coalition of Community Development Financial Institutions

The CDFI Coalition advocates on behalf of the CDFI industry and educates the public about community development finance. The CDFI Coalition is a primary source of information and knowledge about the CDFI field for the general public, the media (View Profile)

Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

CEI is a private, nonprofit Community Development Corporation (CDC) and Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) with roots in the civil rights movement. Founded in 1977, the organization provides capital and support in the development of (View Profile)

Colorado Enterprise Fund

COLORADO ENTERPRISE FUND (CEF) is a non-profit community development financial institution founded in 1976 to help small businesses. We provide small business loans up to $150,000 to entrepreneurs who are unable to obtain financing from traditional (View Profile)

Community Investing Initiative

The Community Investing Center is a project of the Community Investing Program of the Social Investment Forum Foundation and Co-op America. The Center’s mission is to provide financial professionals with information and resources to help them channel (View Profile)

Community Loan Fund of Southwestern Pennsylvania

CL Fund provides capital to businesses in western Pennsylvania to have an impact in the region and to encourage entrepreneurship. (View Profile)

Community Reinvestment Fund

Community Reinvestment Fund (CRF) is the national leader in bringing capital to community-development lenders through the secondary market for loans. Started in 1989, CRF has injected hundreds of millions of dollars into low-income and economically (View Profile)

Connecticut Housing Investment Fund, Inc.

The Connecticut Housing Investment Fund, Inc. (CHIF) is a private, nonprofit organization established to finance affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization projects throughout Connecticut. Since its incorporation in 1968, CHIF has provided (View Profile)

Cooperative Fund of New England

The Cooperative Fund of New England is a community development loan fund that is a bridge between socially responsible investors and cooperatives, community oriented non-profits, and worker-owned businesses in New England (and parts of New York). (View Profile)

Deutsche Bank Microcredit Development Fund (DB MDF)

The Deutsche Bank Microcredit Development Fund (DB MDF) seeks to alleviate poverty worldwide by investing in thedevelopment of indigenous financial systems that serve the poor. The DB MDF helps microfinance institutions (MFIs)reach scale and (View Profile)

Developmental Resources

(View Profile)


Investing in clean energy enterprises. (View Profile)

First Nations Development Institute

Policy, research, grantmaking, and lending institution. Working to help mobilize the capacity of Native Americans for controlling their own economic assets. (View Profile)

Fonkoze USA

Fonkoze - Haiti's Alternative Bank for the Organized Poor - is the largest micro-finance institution offering a full range of financial services to the rural-based poor in Haiti. (View Profile)

Foundation for International Community Assistance (FINCA)

FINCA provides financial services to the world’s poorest families so they can create their own jobs, raise household incomes, and improve their standard of living. We deliver these services through a global network of locally managed, self-supporting (View Profile)

Grameen Foundation USA

Welcome to Grameen Foundation USA... a dynamic, nonprofit organization that uses microfinance and innovative technology to fight global poverty and bring opportunities to the world's poorest people. With tiny loans, financial services and (View Profile)

Illinois Facilities Fund

CDFI that provides loans, real estate services, education, and research to nonprofit organizations. (View Profile)

Institute For Community Economics (ICE)

The Institute for Community Economics (ICE) is a national community development organization promoting economic justice through community land trusts (CLTs) and community investment. As the originator of the CLT model, ICE has supported the growth of (View Profile)

Leviticus 25:23 Alternative Fund, Inc.

Leviticus 25:23 Alternative Fund was founded in 1983 as a community development revolving loan fund by church groups located in the New York metropolitan area who are members of the Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment. The Fund is set up (View Profile)

Local Initiatives Support Corporation

LISC provides grants, loans and equity investments to CDCs for neighborhood redevelopment. When LISC begins a new program, National LISC matches locally-raised funds and gives that much more to the community for renovation. The CDC then designates (View Profile)

Management Medicine Foundation

Nonprofit supporting health care research. (View Profile)

Manna, Inc.

Manna, Inc. is a leader among nonprofit community development organizations in Washington, DC. We serve low and moderate income families, assisting them to fulfill the dream of homeownership. Manna’s strategy includes four principal areas: (View Profile)

Michigan Interfaith Trust Fund

The Michigan Interfaith Trust Fund fosters economic and social justice by providing loans and technical assistance for affordable housing and economic development throughout Michigan. (View Profile)

MicroCredit Enterprises

MicroCredit Enterprises, LLC is committed to reducing poverty by mobilizing private investment capital to finance micro-businesses of poor families throughout the developing world. MicroCredit Enterprises gears its entrepreneurial results to produce (View Profile)

National Community Capital Association

National Community Capital is a network of more than 170 private-sector community development financial institutions (CDFIs) that provides financing, training, consulting, and advocacy for CDFIs. Active in all 50 states, the National Community (View Profile)

National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions

Established in 1974 by a coalition of credit union leaders dedicated to revitalizing low-income communities, the Federatioin's mission is to strengthen the credit unions that serve low-income, urban and rural communities -- known as "community (View Profile)

NCB Development Corporation

NCB Development Corporation (NCBDC) is a unique non-profit organization that doesn't easily fit into a box. We are not solely a financial services company. Nor are we purely a development company with substantial technical assistance expertise. We (View Profile)

New Hampshire Community Loan Fund

The New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, a private nonprofit organization, was founded in 1983 with the belief that low-income people could build their assets and gain long-term economic stability if they could be connected to institutions and people (View Profile)

New Jersey Community Capital

New Jersey Community Capital (NJCC), a registered trade name utilized by Community Loan Fund of New Jersey, Inc. and its affiliates, is a financial intermediary aligning investment and intellectual capital in New Jersey’s emerging markets. Community (View Profile)

New Mexico Community Development Loan Fund

The New Mexico Community Development Loan Fund is a private, non-profit organization that provides loans, training and technical assistance to business owners and non-profit organizations throughout the state and the entire Navajo Nation. Our (View Profile)

Newcorp Business Assistance Center

Newcorp is a business Assistance Center with a mission to help physically challenged people and minority owned businesses grow and prosper. (View Profile)

Nicaraguan Credit Alternatives Fund (NICA Fund)

The Nicaraguan Credit Alternatives Fund (NICA Fund) addresses a root cause of poverty and social injustice by providing financing for economic activities of low-income Nicaraguans with little access to commercial credit. (View Profile)

fit Finance Fund

For 23 years Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) has helped nonprofits match their passion and dedication with financial strength and sustainability. We provide impartial analysis and flexible, frequently unsecured, financing that nonprofits typically (View Profile)

Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund

Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund (NCDF) is a cooperatively owned and operated financial intermediary which acts as a catalyst for the development and growth of cooperatives. NCDF embodies the sixth Rochdale principle of "cooperation among (View Profile)

Northern California Community Loan Fund

The Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF) is a nonprofit lender and technical assistance provider that works to revitalize low-income communities in our region. We provide loans and financial training to organizations that develop (View Profile)

Ohio Community Development Finance Fund

The Ohio Community Development Finance Fund fosters healthy and vital communities by offering funding supoort to community based organizations that work to improve the quality of life for low- and moderat- income persons. Based upon a commitment to (View Profile)

Oikocredit U.S.A.

Oikocredit, as a worldwide cooperative society, promotes global justice by challenging individuals, churches and others to share their resources through socially responsible investments and by empowering disadvantaged people with credit. (View Profile)

Opportunity International

Giving the poor a working chance — that’s what Opportunity International is all about. Small loans, sometimes as little as $50, in the hands of a poor entrepreneur can transform the lives of individuals, families, and entire communities. Motivated by (View Profile)

Piedmont Housing Alliance

Piedmont Housing Alliance is a regional organization dedicated to improving the lives of low and moderate income families and individuals by creating housing and community development opportunities throughout the Thomas Jefferson Planning District in (View Profile)

Rudolf Steiner Foundation

RSF is a cutting-edge non-profit financial service organization with a long and successful history of assisting individuals and projects to meet their financial goals. Our mission is to create social benefit through innovative approaches to working (View Profile)

Self-Help Credit Union

Self-Help is a community development lender that has provided over $3.9 billion in financing to more than 43,000 home buyers, small businesses, and nonprofits nationwide. Self-Help reaches persons who are underserved by conventional (View Profile)

SERRV International, LLC

A nonprofit alternative trade and development organization, SERRV has been working to assist artisans and farmers for more than 55 years and it is an accredited member of the International Fair Trade Association. (View Profile)

Shared Interest, Inc.

Shared Interest builds partnerships for change in South Africa. We guarantee bank loans for low-income communities to construct houses, create jobs, and launch small businesses. This provides a unique opportunity for U.S. supporters to invest in (View Profile)


ShoreBank is America’s first and leading community development and environmental banking corporation. We are committed to building vibrant communities by providing financial services and information to create economic equity and a healthy (View Profile)

SJF Ventures

SJF Ventures is a venture capital fund that finances and assists rapidly growing companies with more than $1 million in sales. SJF specializes in supporting entrepreneurial teams whose competitive advantage includes environmental or workforce (View Profile)

SosteNica, Sustainable Development Fund of Nicaragua

SOSTENICA promotes sustainable economic, human and community development in Nicaragua. SOSTENICA's investors and donors provide funds that allow our partner organization, CEPRODEL, to offer credit and technical assistance to small business (View Profile)

The Center for Community Solutions

Community Solutions helps policymakers, community leaders, and service providers to identify the health, social, and economic challenges facing Greater Cleveland, and to target resources toward sound, cost-effective solutions. We do not provide (View Profile)

The Shefa Fund

The Shefa Fund is a national Jewish non-profit organization established in 1988 and based in Philadelphia. Shefa organizes Jewish individuals, organizations and foundations to use their financial assets to build community and foster justice. Money (View Profile)

Unitarian Universalist Affordable Housing Corp.

The Unitarian Universalist Affordable Housing Corporation (UUAHC) is a community development loan fund that brings together socially responsible investments to finance affordable housing and childcare in the Washington DC/Baltimore region. You’re (View Profile)

Vermont Community Loan Fund

The Vermont Community Loan Fund (VCLF) finances projects that add value to Vermont communities while providing opportunities for low income Vermonters. Our mission is to strengthen Vermont by providing equitable access to capital for affordable (View Profile)

Washington Area Community Investment Fund (WACIF)

The Washington Area Community Investment Fund, Inc. (WACIF) is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) community development financial institution (CDFI) dedicated to providing loans and technical assistance for community and economic development. (View Profile)

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