Jasmine Alimentos

Originally founded in 1990, Jasmine Alimentos’ (foods) has dedicated nearly two decades to providing the highest quality natural and organic products, ensuring that consumers reap the full physical and mental benefits of consuming natural food products. Jasmine Alimentos’ (foods) full range of organic and all natural snacks are among the leading healthy snack food products in Brazil and can now be found in select Whole Foods in the United States. Many of the most popular cookies and snack foods are high in unhealthy fats, sugars and heavy in artificial ingredients…until now! Jasmine’s Whole Grain Cookies are a great choice for a nutritious, tasty afternoon snack. Jasmine has successfully created a full line of products that includes more essential vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients than the vast majority of organic and all natural snack foods. Jasmine cookies are whole grain, trans fat free, rich in fiber and heart healthy. Busy Parents everywhere can enjoy the flavor rich experience of Jasmine’s Whole Grain Cookies. Jasmine’s Whole Grain Cookies are available in fun exotic flavors including: Brazil Nut, Chocolate, Coffee, Coconut, Citrus and Lime. Because Jasmine’s Whole Grain Cookies are free of refined sugars and sweetened only with natural fruit juices and other flavors, each cookie bursts with the unparalleled subtly sweet flavors of some of Brazil’s favorite foods.

Link: http://www.jasminealimentos.com

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Jasmine Alimentos
Rua Bartolomeu Lourenco de Gusmao
Curtiba , Parana 81730-040
(55) (41) 2106-7871

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