PAX Organica Organic Trading Eco

We'd like to introduce you to Pax Organica. We are dedicated to offering you the highest quality, certified organic products at the lowest prices possible. (Pretty simple, huh?) All of our products and produce are certified organic. (the "certified" part does matter - don't let 'em fool you.) We offer not just certified organic coffees, teas, and cocoas (all through fair trade practices), but a wide array of cotton clothing and paper products, too. You ever heard of paper made out of corn? Coffee? Garlic? We have those and more! And all our paper, cards, notebooks, etc. are "tree-free". Well, some are tree-free (made exclusively from hemp, tea, coffee, etc.); and some are what we call "virgin" tree-free (made from recycled paper). The point is no tree gave its life for your notepad, and that's what we call a good thing. Plus, if you're within our delivery range - a wide swathe of Southern California - we can deliver a variety of fresh organic produce right to your door, home or office, weekly, bi-weekly . . . you get the idea.


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PAX Organica Organic Trading Eco
P.O. Box 2423
Hollywood, CA 90078-2423

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