Peanut Better, Inc.

Being perverse by nature and passionate about peanut butter, we opted to do everything right even if it meant doing it differently from the norm. We use no hydrogenated fats, nor emulsifiers, nor artificial anything in our peanut butters, and never will. Our patent-pending process virtually eliminates oil separation – no more ugly layer of oil, no more stirring, no more concrete peanut butter at the bottom of the jar. Our products are USDA certified organic; the certifying agency is New Mexico Organic Commodity Commission. We use only all natural products, kosher, parve, and fabulous. Our peanuts are the sweetest tasting. Our roasting process is unique. We use a coarse grind. This makes the ideal base for our exquisite savory and sweet peanut butters. One taste and you will experience the difference. WARNING! There is no going back.


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Peanut Better, Inc.
9410 De Soto Ave. , Ste. G
Chatsworth, CA 91311

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