Wholesome Harvest Organic Meat Farmer Coalition

Wholesome Harvest is a coalition of over 40 concerned small family farms. Since 2001, Wholesome Harvest has been offering premium organic certified meats to grocers, chefs and CSA member households. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the wonderful meat we sell to include the quality of life for the animals, environmental stewardship, revitalizing decimated rural communities, and Fair Trade independent food choices for consumers. We are a small farmer coalition that owns our own brand of meats, including chicken, beef, pork, lamb, duck, goose and turkey. Because we are the producers and not the packing houses, we absolutely know and control the traceability of our product and have the freedom to choose the processors with the best practices both for social responsibility and food safety.

Link: www.wholesomeharvest.com

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Wholesome Harvest Organic Meat Farmer Coalition
Rural Rte. 1
Colo, IA 50056

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