Organizational Consulting

AIB Business Consulting, Inc.

Business planning, conflict resolution and other business counseling needs with a commitment to helping green businesses. (View Profile)

Anavo Group, Inc.

The Anavo Group, Inc. is a sustainable business consulting firm. Anavo enhances business performance by translating sustainability concepts into profitable solutions. Specifically, Anavo provides business strategy and communication services to (View Profile)

Apparel Resources, Inc.

Our goal is to provide successfully, necessary services and products to our clients with integrity, honesty, and professionalism. The objective is to work closely and effectively with the client creating a "win-win" situation in every aspect of the (View Profile)

Authentic Alternatives Business Breakthroughs Coaching

Time management coaching for businesses. (View Profile)

Awake at Work

The mission of Awake at Work is to provide consulting and educational services to organizations, groups, and individual leaders based on the fact that consciously aware individuals are the thriving roots of healthy groups and organizations. (View Profile)

Berthoud / Greene Consultants LLC

We bring passion, expertise, and commitment to helping mission-centered organizations achieve their goals. Consulting to organizations that provide needed services and products that contribute to a more just society is how we contribute to improving (View Profile)

Changeworks of The Heartland

Founded in 1986, ChangeWorks is a consulting practice focusing on broad-based participation strategies for long range planning and change. We believe that the future belongs to those organizations which find ways to broaden the participation in (View Profile)

Digital Hive Eco Logical Design

Digital Hive, the San Francisco based strategic design firm, creates marketing communications for organizations with strong environmental and social values who want to advance their initiatives as part of an integrated approach to business. (View Profile)

Environmentality, Inc.

Event planning and organizing. (View Profile)

FairVote - The Center for Voting and Democracy

FairVote seeks elections that promote voter turnout, fair representation, inclusive policy and meaningful choices by building on our nation's history of improving upon the American experiment. As a catalyst for electoral reforms such as instant (View Profile)

Green Marketing

Green Marketing, Inc. is a Colorado-based strategic planning firm offering marketing planning, marketing plan implementation, and a variety of other consulting services to companies in all stages of growth. The company is uniquely positioned to offer (View Profile)

Hile Group

Whether teaching a leadership workshop or writing safety rule books, our associates build nontraditional work alliances by seeking active participation and input across all levels. Hile Group’s services help people identify barriers to safe and (View Profile)

HOLOS Consulting

Business consultation for staff development, executive training, and mediation. (View Profile)

Horizons Unlimited

Management consultation. (View Profile)

Hware - Consulting for Sustainable Results

Hware is a business, sustainability and technology consulting firm focused on delivering customized solutions to organizations world wide. Our consultants have a variety of specialties including business planning, operating strategies, strategic (View Profile)

Hyatt International, Ltd.

Hyatt International, Ltd. provides training, consulting, and coaching services that strengthen corporate social responsibility through corporate community investments. (View Profile)

ifPeople - Innovation for People

ifPeople delivers world-class solutions to responsible enterprises that enable them to manage business processes, foster effective teamwork, and improve efficiency and productivity. ifPeople creates and implements appropriate information technology (View Profile)

Jeffrey Axelbank

Management Consultant (View Profile)

Judy Martin's Training by Design

Business development training. (View Profile)

Langelan & Associates, LLC

Harassment, violence, and bullying conflict resolution consulting and training. (View Profile)

Matrix Marketing Group, Inc

The Matrix Marketing Group Inc. is a consulting firm that is dedicated to providing distinctive professional services to executives and their teams who are concerned with companies, products and people of the natural and specialty food industries. (View Profile)

MVS Solutions Incorporated

MVS Solutions, Inc., is a corporate and technology development company focused on the biotech, chemistry, healthcare, life sciences, medical technology, pharmaceutical and related industries. We are a unique synthesis of business insight and (View Profile)

One Backyard

Marketing and project management firm. (View Profile)

ORBUS International LLC

Business training. (View Profile)

Pea Organizing Services, Inc.

Every object you own requires some amount of your attention, care, money and time. Our job is to help you lead a more productive and fulfilling life by lessening the amount of "stuff" that depletes your energy and detracts from your beautiful (View Profile)

Sustainable Development International

SDIC was created to help governments, companies, and other organizations become more ecologically sustainable. It identifies, develops, and implements best green practices in those areas of our lives and work that threaten the health of ecological (View Profile)

Sustainable Tourism & Rec. Program at Columbia College

Certificate program that provides career options for students and addresses economic development in the local tourism, recreation and hospitality industry. (View Profile)

The Evergreen Group

We are the only business brokerage dedicated to sustainable business, a true green business broker. We are a California business broker, but we serve the entire country through our affiliation with Business Brokers Network. (View Profile)

The Fehlig Group

The Fehlig Group is a nontraditional consulting firm with a businesslike approach to social change. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We're a team of professionals in marketing (View Profile)

WAHM Consulting

Woman-centric business consultants. (View Profile)

Wild Dreams Consulting

Our aim is to inspire, coach, nudge, push and support you or your company in achieving your wildest biggest grandest vision of yourself or your company and the future you would like to create. Our work includes visioning, strategic planning (View Profile)

Primogy Climate Change Consulting

We are a dynamic climate change consultancy based near Dusseldorf, Germany. We offer solution-focused management consulting, HR development expertise and change management facilitation. We provide European companies from all industries with (View Profile)

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