Outer Body Experience, Inc.

Natural should mean natural. While the word "natural" has been overused and abused, in our world it means using vegetable oils and butters, minerals, essential oils for scent, and plant extracts for color. We do not and will not add synthetic fragrances or colors to our products. And, of course, none of our products are tested on animals. All testing is done on willing human volunteers. Aromatherapy is the basis for our products. Our essential oil blends are designed to inspire tranquil, soothing, exhilarating, adventurous, and practical experiences. We believe in sticking to our ethics when choosing ingredients, and we don't hide fillers and chemicals within our products or their labeling. As much as possible, we use minimal packaging printed on recycled paper. Biodegradable. Recycled. Taken from nature but always returned. Naturally.

Link: www.outerbodyexperience.com

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Outer Body Experience, Inc.
3003 Arapahoe St. , Ste. 225
Denver, CO 80205

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