Yellowrose Naturals, LLC

At Yellowrose Naturals, our goal is to provide people with safe, naturally toxin-free personal care products that promote health and well-being. Our products are passionately developed using all natural, botanical ingredients and pure essential oils. We use organic ingredients whenever possible and strive to deliver a divine aromatherapy experience with each and every product. Whether you are pampering yourself with one of our bath products, using our natural facial cleanser, or giving your beloved pooch a refreshing bath, you will experience the healing and pleasurable benefits of true aromatherapy. Yellowrose Naturals maintains these important philosophies as we create and market our high quality personal care products: To educate people on the benefits of using toxin-free natural personal care products. To create products that promote healthy and eco-friendly living. To formulate products with 100% vegetarian ingredients. To adhere to a strict no animal testing policy. 


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Yellowrose Naturals, LLC
1301 Custer Rd, Ste 352-2006
Plano, TX 75075

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