Maple Landmark Woodcraft

Maple Landmark Woodcraft is a 29-year-old, family run company that crafts award-winning American made products. Maple Landmark Woodcraft and our Montgomery Schoolhouse division have won numerous awards from the likes of Dr. Toy, Creative Child Magazine, Parents' Choice, and Great American Toy Test. Maple Landmark Woodcraft is special and should be included in your listing because of our 29-year history of green business practices. All of our products are designed and crafted right here in our Middlebury, Vermont factory. Our production by-products (sawdust, scrap wood) are given away to the locals for cow bedding (sawdust) and kindling (scrap). We take in packaging peanuts, bubble wrap and corrugated boxes to ship to out customers. We also get expired magazines from a local distributor to shred for packing material. Our lumber is sourced locally from long time business partners who believe in sustainable forestry practices. Our finishes are all non-toxic. We use nature-based finishes on several of our products - beeswax and whey. Our employees put in hundreds of hours a year doing local charity work - churches, fire department, elderly services, civic organizations, and business organizations. The Company supports schools, civic organizations, and other charity groups through donations. We are a member of Co-Op America and have received awards for making products that are socially responsible. We hope you will consider us worthy of being listed on the green list.


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Maple Landmark Woodcraft
1297 Exchange St
Middlebury, VT 05753

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