OH! Soaps and Soy Candles

OH Soaps is the place to shop for all the nice things in life that smell and feel great. Pure all natural handmade soap so luxurious it makes you say 'Oh It Feels So Good'. OH Soaps hand-crafts pure natural handmade soap, lip balm, body butter and essential skin care naturally using carefully selected botanicals, essential, vegetable and nut oils. Our products are pure, fresh and create a luxurious natural handmade soap that embodies the true meaning of bathing opulence. Pure all natural handmade soap so gentle it can be used on your face every day. Treat your skin and your senses to distinct natural handmade soaps, skin care and aromatherapy soy candles handmade naturally using natures best that enhance your well being and tantalize your spirit. Let the wonderful aromas of our natural handmade soaps and soy candles bring back treasured memories as well as create new ones. Our products are as gentle on you as they are on the planet.

Link: http://www.ohsoaps.com

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OH! Soaps and Soy Candles
P.O. Box 1730
Marco Island, Florida
(888) 315-3895

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