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We wish to provide a venue for all African artisans to showcase their work. Additionally we will showcase product designers whose work incorporates African materials or designs; and will provide information on books, articles and educational (View Profile)


ALSADU Inc., located in Minnesota, specializes in historic non-Western art. We maintain inventories including tribal textiles, rugs, artifacts and architectural forms, jewelry, ceramics and furniture. They are represented by Oceanic, African, Asian (View Profile)

Ananse Village

We are proud to offer the finest traditional African crafts produced in a fair trade environment. By working directly with village artisans we are able to positively affect the economic development in the most needy areas. Ananse Village is dedicated (View Profile)

Artisans’ World Marketplace

Founded in 1995 to provide increased self-employment for low-income artisans worldwide through a non-profit retail outlet Artisans' World Marketplace responds to the global problems of poverty through representation of approximately 45 developing (View Profile)

Asian World Imports

Asian World Imports seeks to bring you the finest crafts from the ethnic tribal groups and artisans of India, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam. Our interest in the crafts of native peoples dates back to 1964. On regular visits to these countries, we (View Profile)

Bright Hope International

Welcome to the Bright Hope Gift Shop, where you can purchase crafts from around the world, to help people lift themselves out of poverty. (View Profile)

Cheppu Himal

Cheppu Himal specializes in handicrafts, ritual objects, yoga and meditation supplies, & clothing -all handmade in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. Practicing as they have for centuries, Himalayan artists produce unique one of a kind pieces (View Profile)

Colores del Pueblo

I began Colores del Pueblo in 1997 from the ashes of Pueblo to People. Pueblo to People had started in 1979 as a non-profit organization to assist Latin American artisans to find a market for their finely made crafts. Due to a combination of factors (View Profile)

Corazon, Fair Trade Arts & Crafts

Traditional and contemporary Arts and Crafts of the Americas, and beyond. Artes Populares for gifts, events, collectors and home. Member: FAIR TRADE FEDERATION. Representing Artisan Cooperatives since 1997. (View Profile)

Cozmo Craftz

CozmoCraftz.com is the home of original African arts and crafts that reflect and celebrate the vibrant life, culture, and people of Zimbabwe. Our quality pieces are hand made with natural and recycled materials by members of community workshops and (View Profile)

Crossroads Trade

Welcome to Crossroads Trade, a store dedicated to ensuring the survival of indigenous craft traditions around the world. On the following pages you will see crafts of superb quality from artisans who employ timeless techniques. In addition to (View Profile)

Eastern Art Arcade

Welcome to Eastern Art Arcade - The oldest wholesalers of African Art in the United States. This website is for wholesale customers. If you are a consumer and would like information on our merchandise, please contact us for a retailer in your (View Profile)


Fair trade company helping native African and South American artists to market their products. (View Profile)

Forests of the World, LLC

Since 1993, Forests of the World has imported and distributed fairly-traded products made by people living in and around endangered forests worldwide. We have worked hard over the years to offer some of the most exquisite natural handmade crafts from (View Profile)

Friends of Tilonia, Inc.

The Tilonia collection of home furnishings features a variety of appliqued and embroidered pillows, bedspreads and duvet covers suitable for contemporary decorative styles. The Tilonia collection is a rich array of fine handicrafts from artisans (View Profile)

Global Crafts

Our Mission is to offer income-generating opportunities to craftspeople in developing countries by following fair trade practices including paying in advance at least the market price for items, ensuring that craftspeople receive payment, and (View Profile)

Global CraftWork

Global CraftWork offers a range of fair trade gifts and home decorating ideas from Latin America (Bolivia, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru), Africa (Botswana, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Mali, Swaziland and Tanzania) and Asia (India, Indonesia, Nepal and (View Profile)

In Their Hands -- Traditional Arts

In Their Hands supports traditional artisans' efforts by buying directly from the artisans, artisan cooperatives and artisan supported organizations. After learning from (and photographing) the artisans, In Their Hands sets out, by teaching about the (View Profile)

Inka Urpi Galeria

A small "Mom and Pop" import business selling quality work made by individual Andean artisans. Inka Urpi's focus is on the work and lives of Bolivian, Ecuadorian, and Peruvian artisans living in this most spectacular area of the world. (View Profile)

Juan Pablo Segundo Quilting Cooperative

The Juan Pablo Segundo cooperative started by producing twin-sized quilts. It now produces quilts in four standard sizes and a variety of needlecraft items, including pillow covers, table linens, bags, wall hangings, and smocks and bibs for children. (View Profile)

Jubilee: Global Gifts, Ltd.

Non-profit craft store. (View Profile)

Los Andes Imports

Handcrafts of South America. (View Profile)

MacroSun International

MacroSun International is much more than just a store. We work to promote peace and understanding through disseminating cultural, political, and artistic information on South Asia. MacroSun works directly with artists and families in India, Nepal (View Profile)

Mad Imports

Mad Imports is a socially responsible company that sells handmade art and accessories from Madagascar and Kenya. Our eclectic products blend the traditional and contemporary design ideas and craftsmanship of our partner artists who use unique (View Profile)

Marilyn Anderson/Pro Arte Maya Education Project

Marilyn Anderson produces art and publications and co-directs the Pro Arte Maya educational project for Maya children in Guatemala. Through the Pro Arte Maya project, Maya/Spanish coloring books and educational materials are distributed in Guatemala. (View Profile)

Mariposa Indigenous Art

In a world of mass production, Mariposa seeks out unique items that are handcrafted by some of the most distinctive artisans in Latin America. By supporting the people of the rainforest and committing ourselves to Fair Trade practices, we strive to (View Profile)

Maya Traditions

Maya Traditions is a fair-trade producer and wholesale business based in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and San Francisco, California. For over ten years we have worked with Maya indigenous weavers in the highlands of Guatemala. Our mission is to support (View Profile)

Maya Weavers of Guatemala

Mayan weavings. (View Profile)

Mayadevi Imports

Mayadevi Imports has been working with women's collectives and traditional artisans since 1999. Our goal is to provide as wide an audience as possible for their products through wholesale and retail outlets, and thereby to support the artisans in (View Profile)

Mayan Hands

Mayan Hands, a fair trade enterprise founded in 1989, strives to improve the lives of these talented artisans. It works with ten different groups of weavers (about 225 women) who live in small villages in the highlands of Guatemala, and market their (View Profile)


MayaWorks is much more than just an outlet for Mayan products. MayaWorks believes that community development happens through the economic development of women who otherwise have limited ways to participate or contribute to the economic stability of (View Profile)

Mission: Guatemala

The Kateri Tekakawitha Mission Fund was founded in 1997 when Kay Sweeney went to Guatemala to work as a volunteer helping in a religious community for Guatemalan Indigenous women. She was struck by the beauty of her surroundings -- the natural beauty (View Profile)

Moonflower Enterprises

Our company imports a wide range of beautiful, hand made, high quality, fair trade products from Guatemala. As members of the Fair Trade Federation, you can be assured that the artisans with whom we work are paid a fair wage within the local context. (View Profile)

Mundo Real

Indigenous crafts and items from Guatemala. (View Profile)

Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance

Fair trade arts and crafts from Nicaragua. (View Profile)

Odara Popular Arts

Product development and marketing for handcrafted gifts. (View Profile)

Pachamama, A World of Artisans

Pachamama - a world of artisans is a Fair Trade organization dedicated to increasing consumer awareness about corporate exploitation to end the use of sweatshops while building producer relationships worldwide to bring the public Fair Trade (View Profile)


PatagonBird is a New York-based family-run company. We started in 1998 with a commitment to help indigenous people from Argentina, not by way of charity but helping them find new markets for their beautiful craft. We strongly believe in the dignity (View Profile)

People of Hope Crafts

The mission of Project Salvador is to aid the people of El Salvador in implementing their own vision of justice. We express our solidarity and deepen our relationship with El Salvador by supporting grassroots community development and by creating (View Profile)


Non-profit marketplace enabling you to purchase directly from artisans all over the world. (View Profile)


Our workshop accepts men and women to learn the craft after they finish their secondary schooling. The foreman of the workshop descends from generations of gold and silversmiths and is dedicated to running a workshop-school that celebrates and (View Profile)

Seven Seas International

Crafts from Vietnam and Cambodia (View Profile)


We want to bring you unique objects, made by artists that represent the cultural diversity of all the Argentina. Shinkal is a site were talented artists of remote communities meet, the best urban artists as well, to offer creations to the world (View Profile)

Singing Shaman Traders and Mata Ortiz Originals

Mata Ortiz Originals was created by owner Nancy Spada in August 2000. We were granted membership in the Fair Trade Federation in 2001, becoming the first traders of Mata Ortiz Pottery to belong. As members of the FTF we are committed to providing (View Profile)

The Global Market

The purpose of The Global Market is to assist in improving the lives of people in developing countries. The Global Market is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. (View Profile)

Upavim Crafts

The mission of UPAVIM is to empower the women of the community, giving them an opportunity to improve their quality of life, for themselves and for their families. We pursue this mission by giving them access to education, employment opportunities (View Profile)

Venture Imports, LLC

Venture Imports supplies beautiful and unique gifts from around the world. Venture Imports is a company dedicated to providing employment to people in developing countries by giving them access to North American markets. Our company is based on (View Profile)


Based in the United States, VietnameseArtwork.com has become a leading online Vietnamese Art gallery. We have handpicked the highest quality handmade Vietnamese art, such as: Vietnamese embroidery paintings , Vietnamese silk paintings, Asian ceramic (View Profile)


Paintings, sculptures, and jewelry featuring African themes. (View Profile)

Lambs' Quarters Farm and Shop

Lambs-Quarters is a rural specialty shop featuring spinning, weaving, and wool-related arts. It exists to further the preservation of these arts and to provide a "place in the country" for people to learn and fine-tune these skills on the farm with (View Profile)

Terra Cottage

Hand crafted ceramics. (View Profile)

Amazon Feelings

Amazon Feelings grew from the founder’s deep understanding and appreciation of the Brazilian culture and the realization that Brazilian craftsmanship is truly an undiscovered treasure. Cristina Amaral founded the company on the premise of bringing (View Profile)

Hare Krishna Exports

Hare Krishna Exports is India’s leading manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier, and exporter of handmade paper Diary / notebooks, handmade paper photo albums, photo frames, leather journals, leather photo albums, gift boxes, handmade paper carry bags (View Profile)

Via Nativa

Via Nativa is a socially conscious label that offers the marketplace a unique selection of ethically-produced, artisan-crafted, high design accessories made in Latin America. Through a culturally sensitive approach to design and development, we (View Profile)

Koseli Nepal

A KOSHELI NEPAL is a movement of producers, wholesalers, retailers and advocates working to promote social economic and environmental justice. Some of the principles of fair trade include; fair wages, environmentally sustainable principles, safe and (View Profile)

OH! Soaps and Soy Candles

OH Soaps is the place to shop for all the nice things in life that smell and feel great. Pure all natural handmade soap so luxurious it makes you say 'Oh It Feels So Good'. OH Soaps hand-crafts pure natural handmade soap, lip balm, body butter and (View Profile)

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