Singing Shaman Traders and Mata Ortiz Originals

Mata Ortiz Originals was created by owner Nancy Spada in August 2000. We were granted membership in the Fair Trade Federation in 2001, becoming the first traders of Mata Ortiz Pottery to belong. As members of the FTF we are committed to providing fair wages and employment opportunities to low income artisans in Mexico, aiding in the preservation of their unique art forms and cultures. In the year 2001, partner Roger Gee joined the ranks. Singing Shaman Traders emerged as an umbrella organization for Mata Ortiz Originals, our line of Huichol Art and Jewelry, Tarahumara wooden bowls, drums, baskets and silver jewelry from Taxco, Mexico. Singing Shaman Traders buys each one of a kind piece from the artisan, keeping the cost to the consumer reasonable, paying the producer fairly and developing relationships based on reciprocal benefits and mutual respect. Your purchase supports these efforts and furthers the worldwide Fair Trade movement.


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Singing Shaman Traders and Mata Ortiz Originals
12201 N. Woodland Beach Dr.
Hauser, ID 83854

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